Valtra Red

Red is a zero-emission step towards autonomous machinery the tractor industry is already heading to. Red can be programmed to follow patterned routes via GPS or by tracking a human operated vehicle.

Red advanced to the Valtra Design Challenge finals as the only Finnish participant in 2017.


and personal projects

I have actively participated in design competitions and I have gained a lot of experience with visualization and presenation skills because of that. Some of the concepts have evolved into separate projects that I still work on till to this day on my spare time.


Finnish defence forces

I served my military service at the Defense Forces Communications Department as a graphic designer in 2012. My work consistet of photo editing, illustration, editorial design and preparing material for print.

I also held video training for garrison officers about basic photo editing.


and primary tools

I have always enjoyed problem solving and that was one of the first things that got me interested in industrial design. I aim to create user-oriented solutions through interaction and functionality.

My strenghts are in parametric 3D-modelling, product visualization and presentation. I also have ten years of experience on graphic design and illustration.

Curiosity is a driving force for learning and pursuing new challenges and I aspire to improve my skills during every project.

Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Autodesk Fusion 360 KeyShot SolidWorks Blender Unity